Standard Retainer vs. Growth-Driven Retainer.

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Have you or your business ever been in a situation where you hired an agency and felt like their monthly retainer was bleeding you dry from virtually no results? Or maybe you're considering hiring an agency, but you have some serious sticker shock from what you paid month to month.

Time and time again, we've seen businesses drop agencies after 4-6 months from seeing no physical results. Digital marketers usually give a collective groan here as we know that it takes time to see the fruits of an inbound strategy. It can take an agency two months just to connect all relevant accounts, learn a new industry, and get up to speed on a marketing. 

Starting Up

Growth-Driven Retainers are at least 3x cheaper than standard retainers in the first three months. We recognize the time it takes to get up to speed and for you to get familiar with what we're doing. It makes no sense to spend $4,500+ a month with a standard retainer without really seeing any results.

Standard retainers usually get you invested into as much 'convenient' technology as possible right off the bat, but this can lead to high monthly costs for both the business and agency. Instead, we suggest starting slow and ramping up to professional or premium versions as your business grows and the need arises.

Setting Goals

In traditional settings, your retainer doesn't change whether your agency does 2 or 200 hours of work and whether they surpass a marketing goal by 2% or 200%. Goal setting in this context isn't collaborative in nature. Expected results are usually copied and pasted from other work done in the past, and have no reflection on your unique business nor bearing on current growth.

GDRs must be collaborative to work properly. We work with a business using data from the previous quarter to set a new retainer and new milestones for the next quarter. This data also informs you of the volume of sales each staff member is able to process and can help you grow your team in a sustainable way.

Long Run

Most people ask us, "But won't we end up paying you more in the long run?" That's a great question! The short answer is that you might, but the slightly longer answer is that you will want to. That's unusual, we know - but the value received across customer growth, analytics, goal setting, and more will make your spend well worth it. Your payment only fuels continued growth.

When you get a handle on scaling your business in a controlled manner, your revenue growth will far surpass any increase in agency retainer. Besides, the more you grow, the more we grow alongside you in support!

If you want to learn more about Growth-Driven Retainers, or you want some more background information, visit our comprehensive resource on the subject.

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