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If you've never heard of HubSpot, you have them to thank for 3,000 people NOT knocking on your door (or laptop screen) every day trying to sell you something.

HubSpot has developed its own field of marketing called Inbound Marketing, and the idea is that if you create good and strategic content aimed at a specific audience, you'll have customers knocking on your door instead.

Lately HubSpot has been analyzing the traditional agency retainer model and has adjusted the thinking of this pricing structure based on how much a business can be grown. This new model is called a Growth-Driven Retainer (GDR). We recommend visiting our comprehensive resource on the subject to learn more.

As part of this Growth-Driven Retainer model, we recommend choosing different pieces of HubSpot technology at different parts of the year-long process.

If you're already familiar with HubSpot's offerings or want to see what other technology you might use in conjunction with their platform, read this blog [hyperlink].

Months 1-3

Marketing Free with Ads Addon

With a small amount of contacts and a small email list, you probably only need HubSpot's Marketing Free (it's actually free). As you move further into the GDR process, you can upgrade.

When you're just starting out with an agency and a Growth-Driven Retainer, inbound marketing can take some time to get going. We recommend spending a little money on advertising with AdWords and Facebook ads. HubSpot's Ads Addon makes this simple.

Months 3-6

Marketing Basic/Pro + Ads Add On + CRM Free

By this point, your marketing team is bringing in more qualified leads and your sales team is closing deals left and right. As your customer/subscriber base increases, you can step up your HubSpot tech. Depending on your industry and starting number of customers, you can choose between Pro and Basic.

Marketing Basic ($200/mo) and Marketing Pro ($800/mo) both come with a host of new features that makes it even easier for your sales and marketing team to nurture, analyze, and ultimately convert leads into customers.

Don't forget to maintain your advertising presence and adjust your spend here as your customers grow.

Months 6-9

Marketing Pro + Ads Add On + CRM Free

By this point, Marketing Pro is your bread and butter. You're processing many more sales that you were originally and the full expanse of helpful HubSpot tools should now be at your disposal.

Ads are still relevant here, but they begin taking a back seat to strategic landing pages, calls to action, and solid marketing automation.

Months 9-12

Marketing Pro + Ads Add On + CRM Free + Sales Starter

Congrats! Your Growth-Driven marketing plan has hit full maturity. If you're a medium to large size company, it's time to take the leap to HubSpot Enterprise. You get a full HubSpot tool suite and dedicated HubSpot personnel to help you propel your business even further.

As you add more staff to your sales team, it's time to help your sales team out. Sales Starter ($50/mo) has tools to help your whole team increase productivity, shorten deal cycles, and improve close rates.

Check out HubSpot's full pricing list! 

If you want to learn more about Growth-Driven Retainers, or you want some more background information, visit our comprehensive resource on the subject.

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