Case Study: Growth-Driven Retainer

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Northeast Georgia Contracting: Website + Branding + Marketing Funnel

Northeast Georgia Contracting is your go-to provider for land clearing, forestry mulching, and demolition services. 

The Problem

NGC needed what many new businesses need: to grow their business and become an authority in their field.

When NGC initially approached Rigmarole, they were a new startup without a website or brand. As we are accustomed to doing, we launched into creating the appropriate buyer personas, coming up with a successful strategy, and executing effective growth-focused digital inbound marketing campaigns.

The Solution

We developed a brand, designed a sophisticated website, developed all blog, email, and advertising assets, created an active marketing funnel with ads...and had it to market in 30 days.

“We used the ROI from leads and the performance of the program to fund future growth, which has included additional lines of business, the paid version of HubSpot, new ad channels, and a tremendous amount of demand for this new business. In my career, I have rarely seen a business get to market as a startup and scale as effectively as Northeast Georgia Contracting.

Through our expertise and abilities, we laid down the foundation, systems, and strategy for short-term success and long-term growth, providing a framework in which the client could grow 10x. This whole thing started from someone saying they were building a horse fence, and wanted to see if we could help get them a few more jobs. ”

Demonstrated Value

We proved our expertise in:

  • learning and adapting to new industries
  • creating great-looking assets
  • using digital methods to effectively grow and scale a business

we laid down the foundation for short-term success and long-term growth.



Since launching their new site in summer of 2017...

  • opened up 6 new lines of business
  • went from having no clients to qualified leads every single day
  • grew from having no work to an extensive waiting list
  • went from no digital presence to a beautiful, conversion-optimized website

We successfully grew the client because we moved away from 'producing' work for the client and focused on growing their business.

If you want to learn more about Growth-Driven Retainers, or you want some more background information, visit our comprehensive resource on the subject.

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