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Letter from the Founder ...

you are the reason we exist.

Never before in history has fate delivered to businesses a window of opportunity like the one you have today. It didn’t even exist a decade ago.

The internet and, along with it, advancements in communications and cloud-based software have changed the game - forever.

As a business leader, you now have the ability to scale practically at will, reach an international audience for the cost of a salesperson, and greatly surpass what has been stiff competition, all by using the power of digital marketing.

Those who have been swift in their decision to change from a traditional marketing and sales model to a digital-first model are the ones who are experiencing overabundant victory and are raking in more cash than ever before.

Digital marketing is salesmanship.

Therefore digital marketing must sell. If it doesn’t, it's at best entertainment, and at worst, a complete waste of time and money.

I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. To be on the hook for growth targets. To make sure marketing strategies and goals align with business strategy and goals. I know what it takes to market businesses with complex sales cycles to business buyers.

In my career I have personally built companies in the apparel, manufacturing, technology, and marketing industries and have served everyone from small business to Fortune 500.

We are real entrepreneurs who have successfully used digital marketing to build sizable businesses and are highly skilled in exploiting market opportunities to capture market share for our clients.

The same fire-in-the-belly gusto and grit that erupts from the heart of entrepreneurs who are willing to blaze their own path is the same passion and focus that drives our work for you. Although we speak bits-and-bytes, our native language is sales-and-profit.  

At Rigmarole, we promise to put you and your business first.

As we get to know you, we will assess and profile your business and digital marketing program and compare it to the best the market has to offer. This helps us find the gaps and offer you the best services at the right time so that you can grow to your full potential.  

None of us can afford to watch this window of opportunity close and the day pass us by.

Look up - the day is at hand.

We exist just for you.

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Sincerely yours,

Cody Murray

Athens, Georgia 2017